Who Is Mike Crisci?

Mike Crisci, Australian by birth, educated at Virginia Tech, and the brains and brawn behind a cutting-edge program focused on team training and team training workouts. His approach leverages a team training program guaranteed to deliver unique and challenging training while being fun, too. 

Not willing to settle for an ordinary workout system, Mike Crisci built his team training pokemon, F45 Training NoMa, to challenge, connect and engage those ready to take training to a higher level. Mike’s unique approach connects people to an energized, connected community delivering a memorable workout and a close family feeling. 

With team training methods rich with challenges and fun, who wouldn’t want to get fit using his team training examples. Keep reading to find out more about Mike Crisci.


What is F45 Training NoMa? 

F45 training is a world-wide community of fitness-minded individuals committed to powerful group workouts that are high-intensity, fun, and results-driven. 

Classes are delivered in 45-minute modules and are crafted from a functional (F) and engaging combination of:


Circuit Training 

  • Where classes are divided into multiple stations. Individuals or small groups complete exercises at their station, typically from 1-2 minutes.
  • On completion, the individual rotates to the exercise station. The time between exercise stations is minimal, keeping the class moving rapidly.


HIIT Workouts

  • Classes typically start with intense bursts of focused aerobic exercise periods 
  • Mixed with rest periods or other low-intensity or resistance exercises


Common Movements

  • Drawn on basic physical movements used every day
  • Enhanced by weight training
  • Strengthening muscles needed for basic physical movements

The team training workouts are high-energy, heart-pumping, community building, and deliver transformed lives and healthier bodies. 


How Does F45 Work?

Built as a world-wide network, deeply connected to the struggles and challenges faced by communities everywhere, F45 is committed to helping wherever a need is presented. It’s what a family does and how the F45 community views itself. They are unique and empowered by what is possible when working together.

Each class is created to deliver the best team training methods. Every experience reinforces the commitment to team training in the workplace and a high level of personal connectivity in every workout session. 


These methods consistently deliver:

  • The massive cardiovascular output is designed to powerfully fill every team training class, leaving the metabolism cranked even when class is done.
  • Empowering resistance team training is drawn from movement patterns that fill daily life. They turn up the heat and deliver a muscle-burning experience that carves the body like stone.
  • Combined resistance and cardio puts power and endurance to the test. Any rest needed, will have earned. 


What Are F45 Classes Like?

With multiple classes scheduled daily, and each crafted to deliver a unique F45 team training experience, there is something new and exciting happening throughout the day, each day of the week.

  • F45 classes are built around a functional total-body exercise experience that elevates energy levels, boosts metabolisms, enhances power, and endurance.
  • F45 classes focus on team training methods that are the building blocks of a strong community minus ego or attitude.
  • F45 classes make the most of every minute, intending to burn as much as 750 calories for participants in every 45 minutes. 

5 Ways an F45 Mindset Can Increase an Energy Level

Studies show a familiarity grows among the people individuals hang out with. When they start spending time with the F45 team training community, things will start changing.


People may even notice they are making simple changes, changes that give them greater energy. 

They may start:

  1. Walking to the gym or parking a car further from the office.
  2. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator.
  3. Increasing their training weight levels.
  4. Scheduling walking meetings at work, leveraging fresh air and movement for increased creativity.
  5. Setting goals and achieving them, like with their steps per day. 


Why Follow Mike Crisci?

When it comes to team training ppt no one delivers like Mike Crisci and nothing delivers like his team training in the workplace program. Following Mike keeps people connected to the latest team training examples and powerful team training methods.

F45 training is a world-wide community of fitness-minded individuals committed to powerful group workouts that are high-intensity, fun, and results-driven.